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The cardiovascular system transports blood to and from tissues. It consists of a pump (heart), vessels to deliver blood to tissues (arteries), network of vessels to perfuse tissues (capillaries) and vessels to return blood to the heart (veins).


The heart pumps blood through the blood vessels of the circulatory system.

MH 069 Heart

(right and left atria)

MH 070 Heart

(right and left ventricles)

MH 070 Cardiac Muscle

Heart Valves and Cardiac Skeleton

MH 071 Heart

(tricuspid valve and coronary artery)

MH 073-074 Heart

(aortic valve and cardiac skeleton)

(H&E / phosphotungstic acid)

Purkinje Fibers

MH 073-074 Heart

(H&E / phosphotungstic acid)

MH 058a Heart

(periodic-acid Schiff's stain)

MHS 245 Heart

Elastic Artery and Large Vein

MH 063 Carotid Artery and Brachiocephalic Vein

MHS 244 Elastic Artery

MH 065-066 Aorta and Vena Cava

(H&E / Verhoeff)

Muscular Artery and Medium Vien

MH 024-025-026 Mesentery

(H&E / Verhoeff / azan)

MH 061-062 Popliteal Artery and Vein

(H&E / Verhoeff)

MH 067 Vein Valve

MH 071 Heart

(coronary artery)

Arterioles and Venules

MH 024-025 Mesentery

(H&E / Verhoeff)


Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in the body. They are responsible for the exchange of gases, nutrients and other substances between blood and tissues.

MH 024 Mesentery


Sinusoidal capillaries are larger than other capillaries and have a discontinuous endothelium. This allows easier movement of cells between the blood and tissues.

MH 155a Adrenal

(sinusoidal capillaries)

Capillary beds can be seen in whole mounts of tissues.

MH 060 Microvasculature (mesentery)