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Chapter 10 - Lymphoid System

The lymphoid system protects the body from foreign substances and the elimination of diseased cells.

Lymph Node

Lymph nodes are specialized for processing antigens found in lymph.

MH 024-026 Mesentery

(H&E / azan)

MH 076-077-078 Lymph Node

(H&E / azan / silver)

MHS 213 Lymph Nodes


Tonsils are collections of lymph nodules surrounding the oropharynx named according to their location.

MH 081a Palatine Tonsil

MHS 276 Tonsil


The major function of the spleen is blood filtration.

MHS 212 Spleen

MH 085 Spleen

MH 084 Spleen



Thymus is where T-cells become immune competent (ability to engage in immune activity) and undergo a selection process.

MH 079 Thymus

(adult and neonatal)

MHS 210 Thymus